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Fit Hoga India is an online Portal based in Mumbai. We organize online Challenges which can be completed in your own time at your own pace anywhere in the world.


Prizes - Stunning Medals,
E - Certificate.

Virtual Scoreboard

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Virtual Rank Runner Name Category Country Sub-Category Activity Done (Kms) Pace Timing Evidence
1 Ankit Kumar Daily Run IND 2k Challenges 142.65 38.0 Min/Km View
2 Sandeep Kumar Daily Run IND 2k Challenges 166.34 8.0 Min/Km View
3 Wilson Samuel Daily Run IND 2k Challenges 42.37 5.4 Min/Km View
4 KEYUR RATHOD Daily Run IND 2k Challenges 58.64 13.2 Min/Km View

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Our Customers Say

Being actively involved in sports throughout my growing up years, this has been a blessing. It’s a fun way to keep fit and the leaderboard help friends to challenge and push each other towards their goals and there’s something for everyone as you can start with smaller challenges and work your way up.

Neeraja Gode

No matter how big, tall, short, or small you are, there is an athlete inside each and every one of us. You just have to let it out. Before this race I've always been afraid to participate in public activities involving fitness. My mindset has changed. Thank You www.fithogaindia.com for reminding me how much fun life can be again and helping me on the road to a much healthier life style! You guys are the best!

Swapna Tayade

It Works, Challenges are part of life and I took 5km Daily Challenge and I done it, Thank for Certificate and Medal, Good initiate by “Fit Hoga India.com”. During the challenge I feel that running is little bit painful but when I started the running on daily basis than I got the confidence and strength.

Anup Pillai

Sports has always been an on/off for me. A few years back I decided to take up the Marathon challenge for 10K. That's when I decided that running should be a part of my life. From once a year Marathon, I took up the Weekly challenge and oh boy! It feels amazing. I now look forward to increase the number of kms i run. DUATHLON- I'll be there soon!!!

Koreev Kapadia

I took 5km challenge and seriously its works, india is upgrading we can say that, next month am going to take 10km daily challenge. Thanks to “FIT HOGA INDIA” for this kind of initiate.

Vikesh Baghel

Recently I started running 2km daily challenge, during the running I was unable to complete the challenge but after 5-6 days I feel good, Got energy, Positive thinking that I can RUN and finally I completed my challenge and also got certificate and Medal. Next time ill take the 10km challenge or will registered on Duathlon. Thank You Fit Hoga India.com

Rajesh Vishwakarma

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